Recently, during the development on an Android app, when I tried to compile my Android Studio Project it suddenly started giving these errors:

Error:Failed to resolve:
Error:Failed to resolve:
Error:Failed to resolve:
Error:Failed to resolve:

I struggle to find the solution, but after some debugging and investigation I ended up solving it updating the following dependenciees to the latest versions available:

Under android SDK manager (from C:\Users\youruseraccount\AppData\Local\Android\sdk):

In the Tools section section, update:

– Android SDK Tool
– Android SDK Platform-Tools
– Android SDK Build tool

In the Android 7.1.1 (API 25) section, update:

– SDK Platform

In the Extras Section, update:

-Android Support Repository
– Android Support Library

Don’t forget to also update your build.gradle file to consider the new versions of the dependencies!

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