A portion of the total HDD/SSD space on your Toshiba is configured as a hidden recovery partition. This partition stores files which can be used to restore pre-installed software in the event of a problem. (Your computer will be restored to the same as when you bought it new).

Important Notes

  • Make sure that the AC adaptor is connected during the restoring process.
  • When you reinstall the Windows operating system, the HDD/SSD may be formatted and all data may be lost.

How to Restore Windows on Toshiba Satellite Portege Z30-A

Step 1. In the Settings charm, click Power and then select Restart.
Step 2. Hold down 0 (zero) key and then release this key one second after the computer is powered on.
Step 3. Choose Yes if you want to continue.
Step 4. Select “Troubleshoot”. Select “Reset your PC”. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the recovery.

And you’re done, your Toshiba will now be fully recovered to the same as when you bought it new!

Alternatively, you can also perform the restoration through PC settings directly on Windows:
Step 1. Click the Settings charm and click Change PC settings.
Step 2. Click Update and recovery under PC settings and then click Recovery.
Step 3. Click Get started under Remove everything and reinstall Windows.
Step 4. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the recovery

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